A classroom experience students will remember! 

 The goal is to engage students and create a fun experience that encourages future enrollment and great word of mouth. These games create a social aspect, highlighting the benefits of face-to-face driver education experiences.

Bingo Board

Drivers Ed BINGO!

Driver's Dilemma! Bingo is a classroom set of 36 printable cards containing 25 drivers education terms. The instructor leads the game calling out definitions as students mark the terms on their cards. The first one to get 5 in a row wins!

Match Game

Road Sign Match Game!

Driver's Dilemma! Road Sign Match game re-enforces road sign knowledge. This is a great way to reach different learners prior to the DPS handbook test. There are two ways to play: 1.) Instructors pass out the "sign cards" and read  "description cards" to begin. The student holding the matching card holds it up! 2.) Lay all cards face down on a table and students begin by turning over two, looking for a matching description and sign. 

Flash Card Game

DE Terms and Definitions!

Driver's Dilemma! I Have... Who Has? engages students with road rule concepts and vocabulary. Students actively participate together, experiencing education in a way they truly learn! Pass out the cards and pick a student to begin! The student reads their card out loud and the game begins.

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